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2006 n center st
Arlington, TX, 76002
United States


Senor Roter, Is a plumbing and roto rooter service company. We work on residential plumbing and commercial plumbing.  We cover all your plumbing needs, from a clogged up sewer drains, to a mayor slab leak repair. (water leak, slab leaks, water heater leaks,yard leaks, drain leak,  broken drain pipe, busted pipes,sewer pipe reroutes, clogged drain, new drain pipes, pvc,video camera inspections, water heater repair, gas leak repair, gas leak detections, gas pipes, gas permits, gas reroutes,  tub, toilets, sinks, gas water heaters, electric water heaters, tanless water heater,  roto rooter service,  ) Senor Rooter, Covers most of all Dallas tx, Denton tx and Fort worth tx, cities (Arlington tx, Keller tx, Plano tx, Irving tx, Lewisville tx Irving tx, Carrollton tx, Hust tx, Grapevine,tx Lake dallas tx, Litle elm tx. )  at a 24hours a day.



Senor Rooter

We have been serving the city of Arlington tx, for over 15 yrs.  All tree of us brothers whent to bowie high school in Arlington, I started plumbing in Arlington in the year 2000. So Arlington is our home town. We like to get all the jobs we can inn our back yard, even thou we service all DFW Arlington tx gets first priorety on our list


Senor Rooter

Water leaks are a comon problem in homes. A slab leak may be a litle more troble than other leaks. Same times u cannot see where the water is leaking. The way u find out is by getting a high water bill. Thats when we do a leak detection and locate the leak. 


Senor Rooter

We have the answer to all your clog probles is ROTO ROOTER . All and any cloggs, residential and comercial cloggs

  • Main drain pipe
  • Tub drain
  • Sinks drains
  • Toilets
  • Washer machines drains
  • Restaurant drains
  • Comercial drains
roto rooter service